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Phase Shifting for Buccini MIC-1

MIC-1 with PZT reference mirror translator and LEMO cable Buccini MIC-1 phase shifter

Buccini Instrument Company has selected Durango Interferometry Software for use with its MIC-1 Laser Interferometer.

Our PZT translator with modified Buccini quick change mirror mount replaces the base model Buccini mirror mount. It can also replace the old Burleigh phase shifters.

Durango OEM hardware kits are available for either desktop or laptop computer systems. The PCI-bus video framegrabber of the desktop kit offers superior speed and performance, but the laptop kit cannot be beat for portability.

The MIC-1 Laser Interferometer with Durango Interferometry Software and OEM Hardware Kit are available directly from Buccini Instrument Company.

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