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CGH Null Technical Support

Design Support

Our technical support begins even before your order is received. In most cases, Diffraction International will design both the null test configuration and the CGH null. For custom CGHs, a preliminary design is included with our response to your Request for Quotation. There is no charge for this service—it is our effort to prevent surprises later.

Full Documentation

Each CGH Null is shipped with a comprehensive Encoding and Fabrication Report. This report includes a Certificate of Compliance, instructions for use, test configuration diagram, raytrace model, ghost analysis, sensitivity analysis, tolerance analysis, verification of encoding, verification of registration, substrate interferograms, and framing certification. We also provide optical design files in electronic format for OSLO and (where possible) ZEMAX and Code V optical design programs.

Documentation Upgrades

We continually expand our analysis capability to meet customer requests. Much of our standard documentation is computer generated from the OSLO lens file using proprietary CCL programs. If you have CGH nulls which were shipped a few years ago, additional documentation may now be available at little or no cost.

Special Engineering Analysis

If your documentation requirements exceed our standard practice, we can provide special engineering analysis of your CGH null test for an additional fee.

Contacting Diffraction International

To answer promptly your questions about a CGH null test, we keep a paper copy of the Encoding and Fabrication Report and an online copy of the OSLO design file. When contacting us by telephone, fax or email regarding a particular CGH null, please provide the Serial Number, Title and Job Number. This information is on the box label furnished with each CGH null.

Example "DEMOCGH"

To better acquaint you with custom CGH aspheric nulls, we provide a real world example that has been disguised by modifying the optical prescription.

A video presentation shows how we designed this CGH null.

The complete CGH Encoding and Fabrication Report is available as a .pdf document. For help in deciphering this report, please refer to our User Guide to CGH Encoding and Fabrication Report.

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