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HA120Z Alignment CGH

HA120Z Alignment CGH

Our HA120Z Alignment CGH is used to optically align 120R-frame CGHs to your interferometer test beam and radius slide axis. On replacing the Alignment CGH with a Custom CGH Null, the spherical or collimated test beam is diffracted to produce a prescribed aspheric wavefront.


The HA120Z provides 16 on-axis foci. The tables below give CGH coordinates (x,y,z) of the several transmission sphere focus locations. Grating patterns are “spherical” to about 1 fringe. Diffraction efficiency is approximately 1 percent in 3rd order.

HA120Z Alignment CGH
Focal Distances (mm) Price
±36 ±84 ±144 ±200 ±250 ±310 ±439 ±660 Inquire

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