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M1206 CGH Positioner

M1206 CGH Positioner

The Model 120R CGH frame and M1206 Positioner are legacy products. The are superceded by our newer and larger 6025 format CGH frames and positioners.

Model 120R CGH Frame

M1206 Positioner with 120R Frame If you must have the Model 120R frame (and your CGH pattern fits within its Ø105-mm aperture) add 3 weeks to allow for cutting, centering and edging of the CGH substrate. The Model 120R CGH Frame accepts a Ø112.5 mm substrate up to 6.35 mm thick.

Model 120R CGH Frame
Glass Size Clear Aperture Drawing Image
Ø112.5x6 mm Ø105 mm 120R.dxf 120R.2D.gif
M1206 CGH Positioner

Model 1206 Six-Axis Positioner

The open profile of our Model 1206 positioner allows a CGH null to be positioned in close proximity to a 4-inch Fizeau transmission sphere for testing of large convex aspheres. This positioner accepts Model 120R frames attach directly, whereas Model 50 and 50R frames require use of reducer plate Model 1206R.

M1206 CGH Positioner
Type Aperture Axis Height Drawing Image Price
6-axis Ø140 mm 90±3 mm M1206.dxf download M1206.2D.gif Inquire

Use our CGH Bracket to attach a Model 1206 positioner to the optional rail kit of your Zygo GPI or ADE MiniFIZ interferometer.

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