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Model M506 Six-Axis Positioner

M506 Positioner

Our Model M506 positioner offers a full six axes of precision adjustment from a single stable base. This positioner is useful for aligning a CGH to a spherical reference wavefront while also aiming and orienting the diffracted beam. The Model 506 positioner accepts Model 50 and Model 50R CGH frames. The three face screws control tilt, tip and focus; pure tilt or tip is achieved by turning two adjacent screws an equal amount, whereas focus requires turning all three screws. Vertical translation is controlled by the top edge screw. Horizontal translation requires turning both side edge screws and equal amount. Clock rotation requires turning the top and bottom most edge screws an equal amount.

M506 Positioner

With a bolt key in place, the CGH frame can only be attached in a single, unique orientation providing maximum alignment accuracy.

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M506 Positioner with Model 50R Frame

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