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Model M6025 CGH Positioner

Our new Model M6025 CGH positioner supports our new larger 6025 format CGH nulls and is backwards compatible with our 120R CGH frames. The M6025 may be factory assembled in any of 8 configurations.
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Model M6025 Multi-Axis CGH Positioner M6025 option
M6025 option
M6025 option
M6025 option

Detail of M6025 positioner Invar corners, bonded to each corner of the CGH null, incorporate a 12-mm ball that magnetically couples to the M6025 positioner. When appropriate, the invar corners include a factory-adjusted flexure mechanism to assure that the CGH pattern remains centered as it is rotated through 90° increments.

The mass of an M6025 positioner is 1.30 kg of which 0.44 kg is the moveable J-arm assembly. The mass of a 6025-format CGH null is 0.47 kg.

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