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PZT Linear Stage

Diffraction International┬┤s PZT Linear Stage uses a wire-EDM flexure design to achieve linear translation without tilt or tip. Use it to add Durango phase measuring capability to your Twyman-Green or small Fizeau interferometer, or use it to move a test optic or return flat external to your Fizeau interferometer. An internal preload insures high stiffness. If the load is not cantilevered excessively, a 2 kg mass can be driven with good linearity and stability. PZT Linear Stage.

The PZT Linear Stage measures 65 mm x 45 mm x 12.7 mm. It has counter bored mounting holes at each corner for attachment to metric M6 or English 1/4-20 optical breadboards. Attach a load to the raised top surface by means of the 5 tapped M4 holes and 2 counterbored M4 holes. The low voltage, open loop PZT element has a nominal scale factor of 150 nm per volt and can be driven directly (without voltage amplifier) by any National Instruments DAQ card. A 3-meter LEMO-to-LEMO or LEMO-to-BNC cable is included.

The PZT actuator is a Polytec PI or Physik Instrumente Model P-885.51. The rated open loop travel is 15 µm ± 20% at +100 V. Maximum operating voltage is -20 to +120 V, short term only. Stiffness is 50 N/µm ± 20%. Electrical capacitance is 1.5 µF ± 20%. The pushing force capacity is 900 N.

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