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Download Durango

Durango Interferometry Software is a free download. Use it to examine the sample data files or to create your own synthetic data files. A data acquisition license and data acquisition key are needed only to acquire new data with your own interferometer.

Durango Software
Description Version Released Size Download
Durango Interferometry Software 3.67.1223 2011-05-04 32.0MB Durango Installer

Durango Hardware KeyYou should download and install the Sentinel Protection Installer BEFORE attaching your Durango hardware key. If you have attached the key first, you should detach it and try uninstalling the Sentinel Protection Installer using Windows’ Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Uninstall Software (Win7) feature. Failing that, download and run the SSD Cleanup utility, reboot your system, and then run the key driver installer again. For additional help please refer to the Sentinel End-User Troubleshooting Guide.

Sentinel Protection (Hardware Key)
Description Version Released Size Download
Gemalto Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.0 ? 2.0MB Hardware Key Installer
Gemalto Key driver cleanup utility, 64 bit 1.3.1 ? 248KB Sentinel Advanced Medic
Gemalto Key driver cleanup utility, 32 bit ? 153KB SSD Cleanup

Durango Sample Data
Description Created Size Download
4D Technology PhaseCam 2000-08-02 930KB PhaseCam.opd
Fiber Endface with Fibo 2000-04-25 1775KB Fiber Endface 20X.opd
6-bucket Phase Stepping 1998-06-03 592KB 6bucket.opd
Dead Fringes 1998-03-25 551KB Dead Fringes.opd
High Density Fringes 1998-07-23 978KB High Density at SPIE.opd
Bright Mirror 1997-05-05 818KB Bright Mirror.opd
Noisy Data 1996-12-31 1256KB Noisy Data.opd

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