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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free download a demo version?
The free download is the full featured software package. A paid commercial license and hardware key are needed to use the data acquisition and import features.
Can I use Durango with my current interferometer?
Yes. You will need a camera and phase shifter. If you have a phase shifter, Durango is likely able to drive it. Otherwise, consider our Fizeau Phase Shifter or our PZT Linear Stage. You may need to upgrade your image acquisition board. Contact technical support.
Will Durango run on my current computer?
Probably yes if you have a computer running Windows 7 or XP. Windows Vista is known to be troublesome. Download Durango and find out. We recommend a minimum of 2 GB RAM.
Is my License Code permanent?
No and yes. Your license code is specific to your hardware key, your hard disk serial number, and the Durango version number. Your license code will eventually expire. Although you may not upgrade without a current Support and Upgrade Subscription, there is never a charge to obtain a new license code for your installed Durango software version.
Why do some of the sample data files look so bad?
We show you both good and bad measurements so you can judge how Durango handles less than perfect data. Also, example files usually show the full camera resolution without smoothing. Poor sample data may be the result of the interferometer hardware, PZT calibration, environmental factors, or choice of phase algorithm.
Do you offer installation and training?
Durango installation and training are available within North America. Please contact Diffraction International for specifics.
Why did you name it Durango?
The software program is named after Andrew Stuart’s dog, who was in turn named after the town in Colorado. Click to see the original goofy yellow dog.
What is the purpose of the Recalc tool?
Many UI events require that results be recalculated. Durango minimizes this recalculation by recomputing only those items that are expected to change. The Recalc tool forces the entire calculation to be started over from scratch. If clicking the Recalc tool yields a changed result, then the changed result is the correct one and you have found a bug. Please report it.

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