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Durango Hardware Interface Modules

Hardware Independence

Durango is fully hardware independent in that hardware specific code is contained in separate dynamic link libraries. We can add support for additional hardware without modifying the application code.

Durango hardware interface modules must be present in the Durango installation directory at startup. Durango first checks for a hardware key to determine if this is a commercial license (hardware capable) installation. If so, Durango attempts to start the hardware driver associated with each installed interface module and reports results to the file durango.log. Modules that are started successfully will be available in the hardware configuration dialog boxes.

In general, it is necessary to first install and configure the appropriate drivers as supplied by the hardware manufacturer. These drivers will typically be located in the system directories or in a hardware specific directory. If Durango fails to recognize or initialize supported hardware that you have installed, first try running the manufacturer’s supplied configuration and diagnostic software or demo software to verify that the manufacturer’s driver is installed, configured and working properly. If the problem persists, examine the text file durango.log for diagnostic information. This file is located in the Durango installation directory and is rewritten every time you start Durango. If you need to contact Diffraction International about a hardware problem, please include a copy of durango.log.

Hardware Interface Modules

Diffraction International has developed several Durango hardware interface modules to date. The currently available modules are listed in the following tables. We recommend the National Instruments IMAQ boards for use on a desktop machine, and the ImperX VCE for video on a laptop. For driving our Fizeau Phase Shifter, our PZT Linear Stage or your own phase shifter, we recommend any of the National Instruments DAQ devices that support at least one analog out channel. If your required drive voltage exceeds 10 V, a voltage amplifier must be added between the NIDAQ board and the PZT.

Hardware Interface Modules
Module NameSupported HardwareCameraShifter
National Instruments IMAQAll (or most) National Instruments IMAQ devices
National Instruments DAQmxNational Instruments PCI and PCIe devices with an analog-out channel
National Instruments DAQmx-USBNational Instruments USB devices with an analog-out channel
ImperX Image CaptureImperX devices
IC CaptureImagingSource Video-to-USB converter
CMU 1394FireWire 1394a cameras (Windows XP only)
TLB 6600 LaserNew Focus TLB-6600 Venturi Lasers
PI E-516 Module 
Promet International FiBOPromet International FiBO Interferometer
Serial Port 

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