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Durango Installation

Durango Interferometry Software
installation and hardware configuration

These instructions are for users that have a paid license with hardware key. Users of the free Durango can simply download and run the Durango installer.

Getting Started Image Acquisition Phase Shifters
  1. Install Hardware Key Driver
  2. Install Durango Software
  3. Register Your License

Install Hardware Key Driver

Before attaching your hardware key (dongle) to your computer, you must first download and install the Sentinel Pro driver. Instructions are provided below. After installing the driver, you may attach the hardware key.

If you do attach the key first, then Windows will likely assign to it an incorrect driver. To correct this situation, take the hardware key out of the USB port and then run the key driver cleanup utility (available on the Downloads page). Then reboot your computer.

  1. The Sentinel Protection Installer is available on our Downloads page.
  2. Once you have downloaded Sentinel_System_Driver_Installer_7.5.8.exe, open it to run the installer. The file can be found in your computer's Downloads folder, or can be opened from your internet browser. Sentinel Protection Installer, Welcome screenshot
  3. Once the installer is done loading, click Next. Sentinel Protection Installer, Start screenshot
  4. You must accept the terms and license agreement in order to complete the installation. Select the appropriate bubble and click Next. Sentinel Protection Installer, License Agreement screenshot
  5. Click Next to proceed with the Complete installation. Sentinel Protection Installer, Complete Setup screenshot
  6. The driver is now ready to be installed, click Install.
  7. The status bar indicates that the installation is proceeding correctly.
  8. The installer will alert you when the installation has completed and should confirm that it was successful. Click Finish.
  9. You may now attach your Hardware Key (dongle) to your computer through a USB or Parallel Port. An alert message should appear to confirm that the key has been attatched and properly installed. Click Close.

Install Durango Software

Download and run the Durango installer from our Downloads page.

  1. Open the installer and this window should appear.
  2. Click Next.
  3. In order to install Durango, you must first agree to the terms and licensing conditions. Select the appropriate bubble and click Next.
  4. The software is set to be installed into your Program Files. Click Next.
  5. Select the Typical setup and then click Next
  6. Review the information and then click Next.
  7. The status bar indicates that the installation is proceeding smoothly.
  8. A confimation message will appear if the installation has run properly. Otherwise, it may be necessary to run the installer again. Click Finish.
  9. Reboot your computer.
  10. Launch Durango. You must accept the license agreeement in order to run the software.

Register Your License

Register on our website. This will enable you to retrieve your Durango License Code. On completing the registration form, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your registration. This should occur almost immediately. You must open the email and click a link to validate your registration.

Visit the License Page to retrieve your Durango License Code. You will be required to enter your email and password before viewing this information. You will be prompted for your license code the first time you start Durango. Otherwise, your license code can be used to unlock your copy of Durango at any time by selecting About Durango from the Durango Help menu. Once you have entered your license code correctly, the key icon in Durango's lower righthand corner will change from Locked Symbol (key with red slash) to Unlocked Symbol (key with no slash), indicating that your copy of Durango is now unlocked.

If you are able to log in successfully but no Durango keys or license codes are displayed, then perhaps Diffraction International has not yet assigned your key to your email address. This may happen if you receive your Durango key through a third party. Contact technical support by email or phone so that we can correct the online database.

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