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Durango License Types

Durango licensing policy promotes and encourages interferogram data exchange. Durango is a free download. You may install Durango on multiple computers to analyze saved data; no need to monopolize your interferometer’s computer. A paid license and hardware key are needed only to acquire new data.

Comparison of Durango License Types
Included Features Durango License Types
Free Import Static Phase Academic
Permanent License
Hardware key (dongle)
Free first year support and upgrades
Free perpetual support and upgrades
Open, edit and save Durango documents
Open Metropro, Opticode, CodeV interferograms
Acquire static interferogram images
Control and acquire phase shifted interferograms
Compute modulation, phase and wavefront maps
Analyze interferogram data
Transform interferogram data
Define and apply quality control criteria
Generate customized HTML reports and data logs
Export data to Excel, XML, CodeV, BMP, PNG, RAW
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