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Durango License Codes

Durango Interferometry Software restricts the use of its data import, image acquisition and phase measuring features. Use of these restricted features requires a Durango hardware key and a valid License Code.

Durango License Codes have two expiration dates: a build expiry and a code expiry. A License Code is valid only for Durango versions built prior to its build expiry date. The build expiry generally matches the period of service of your Support and Upgrade Subscription. The License Code itself expires on its code expiry date. Durango Interferometry Software will warn you (on startup) when your code expiry date is near.

The Durango License Code database is updated frequently. Please complete the following form to retrieve your current License Code.

We recommend that you retrieve an up-to-date License Code prior to installing a Durango upgrade. If there is a problem in retrieving a new License Code, you can then continue to use your older Durango version while it is resolved.

    Once you have registered as a user, you may view all keys that are registered to your email domain. Please contact us if a key of yours is not listed, or if you wish to designate a different registered user, or if you disagree with a Support Expiry date.

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