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Durango Interferometry Software is for data acquisition, analysis, evaluation, exchange, import/export and simulation. Durango uses only published algorithms and gives you full access to raw measurement data and intermediate results. Durango offers power, speed, flexibility, hardware independence, ease of use and value in one comprehensive package.

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Durango runs under Microsoft Windows versions 7/Vista/XP and supports all interferometer types. All hardware specific code is confined to optionally installed modules.

Supported devices include National Instruments NI-DAQ (for phase shift control) and numerous camera-to-computer image acquisition options for RS-170 video, CCIR video, and digital cameras.

Durango licensing policy promotes and encourages interferogram data exchange. Durango is a free download. You may install Durango on multiple computers to analyze saved data; no need to monopolize your interferometer’s computer. A commercial license and hardware key are needed only to acquire new data.

Durango is being used routinely and effectively at industry and academic sites worldwide.

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The Title Bar reports the currently displayed Map Window mode and zoom factor. Select from several palettes. Drag the crosshair reticle to update optional cross sections. Drag the crosshair reticle to update optional cross sections. Horizontal section at crosshair reticle location. Select this tab to view computed Phase map. Vertical section at cross hair reticle location. This symbol marks valley point in OPD map. This symbol marks peak point in OPD map. Use these controls to access additional modes. Select this tab to view raw Frames. The sinusoid graphic on far right displays and controls which frame is displayed. Select this tab to view OPD surface or wavefront map. Select this tab to view a map of phase Modulation. Select this tab to view a map of phase shift step size. Select this tab to view a map of average (unmodulated) Intensity.

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