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Top 10 Reasons for Using Durango

  1. Analysis is Free

    Durango without a hardware key and license code supports all analysis functions and file saving. Download and install Durango on as many computers as you like. Exchange data files with your colleagues. A paid commercial license and hardware key are needed only for acquisition of new data.
  2. Affordable Commercial License

    A full permanent Durango Commercial License with first year Support and Upgrade Subscription is $6950. All software features are included in the basic license fee. A suitable computer, frame grabber and DAQ board add perhaps another $3000.
  3. No Proprietary Hardware

    Durango supports a wide and growing choice of hardware configurations. If a camera can record your interferogram and an actuator can shift the fringes, Durango can probably work with your interferometer.
  4. No Voodoo

    Durango uses only published algorithms and you can check the arithmetic. Durango does not subsample or discard data points except per your explicit instructions.
  5. Live Document

    You can change analysis options while at the interferometer or any time later. Durango automatically recomputes results from your raw measurement data. Durango's calculation engine is fully interruptable, so you never need to wait before making additional changes.
  6. Support and Upgrades

    Diffraction International understands optical figure metrology. We are continually adding new features and capabilities to Durango and we do listen to your input.
  7. Designed for Windows

    Durango code is 32-bit and multi-threaded. Durango can use your full display resolution and multiple processors. Cut and paste bitmap and spreadsheet data to and from other applications.
  8. Robust

    Durango can quickly and properly unwrap even noisy, low contrast data. With our newly enhanced calculation engine, algorithm failures and program crashes are rare.
  9. Portable

    Durango can run on a laptop computer, adding as little as 5 pounds to your interferometer system. Plus you can ditch that B&W video monitor.
  10. Great Learning/Teaching Tool

    With its non-proprietary algorithms, ability to save raw measurement data, and free licensing of all analysis functions, Durango is the perfect tool for learning the basics and subtleties of interferometry data analysis using real or synthetic data sets.

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