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ADE MiniFIZ Interferometers

MiniFIZ Interferometers Orphaned

The MiniFIZ interferometer was developed by Phase Shift Technology in the early 1990’s. Phase Shift merged with ADE in 1998. ADE was then acquired by KLA-Tencor in 2006. In late 2008, ADE’s Tucson facility was closed and the MiniFIZ product line apparently ended.

Diffraction International Support of MiniFIZ

MiniFIZ systems that include our Durango Interferometry Software were sold by ADE Phase Shift from 2004 until late 2008. ADE’s Opticode software did the data acquisition and Durango provided the analysis.

Many of Diffraction International's customers are using MiniFIZ interferometers. The MiniFIZ is a fine piece of hardware. We use a MiniFIZ in our own metrology lab.

If you have a MiniFIZ running Opticode with Durango, Diffraction International will continue to support the Durango portion. Durango will continue to open, edit and save (in Durango format) your Opticode documents. If you have not already done so, please register your Durango license with Diffraction International so that we may keep you informed of version updates.

If you wish to upgrade your Opticode data acquisition, Durango Interferometry Software supports this too. With a full license, Durango can control your MiniFIZ phase shifter and acquire the camera images. Durango supports numerous phase algorithms and also static analysis on single images.

If the ADE phase shift board in the bottom of your MiniFIZ should fail, Diffraction International can provide an external voltage amplifier that will connect directly to your MiniFIZ phase shift head.

If your MiniFIZ phase shift head should fail, we can replace it with our Fizeau Phase Shifter. This is a low voltage device that attaches without tools and needs no voltage amplifier. This is also a nice upgrade if your MiniFIZ has never had phase shifting capability.

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