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CGH Pricing

CGH Aspheric Null Products
Item Description Price* Export*
M6025-TBD Multi-axis CGH positioner for Model 6025 and 120R frames. Select from 8 configurations. $3380 $3718
M506 6-axis CGH positioner for Model 50R frames. $1045 $1150
M1206R Adapter between M6025 (or M1206) positioner and Model 50R frames. $495 $545
M6025-4pt M6025 Skyhook $590 $649
MB1206-GPI CGH Bracket for Zygo GPI interferometer. $2800 $3080
MB1206-MF CGH Bracket for ADE Phase Shift MiniFIZ interferometer. $2500 $2750
HA50D0 Alignment CGH in Model 50R frame. $2900 $3190
HA6025 Alignment CGH in Model 6025 frame. $5500 $6050
H??F??C CGH Cylinder Null (various). View table
HC6025-MYASPHERE Custom CGH Null, chrome type, 6025 frame, <127×127 mm Inquire
HP6025-MYASPHERE Custom CGH Null, phase type, 6025 frame, <127×127 mm
HC50R-MYASPHERE Custom CGH Null, chrome type, 50R frame, <Ø48 mm
HP50R-MYASPHERE Custom CGH Null, phase type, 50R frame, <Ø48 mm
*Note that prices are 10 percent higher outside U.S. and Canada.

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