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Durango License Agreement

There are three parts to the Durango license agreements:

1.Durango Electronic End User License Agreement applies to all users of Durango. Accepting this agreement enables you to download a free copy of Durango Interferometry Software from this website and use it to read and analyze stored Durango data sets. Please read the agreement carefully. By itself, the free Durango Interferometry Software does not enable you to acquire interferometry data or entitle you to any warranty or technical support.

2. provides you with a Hardware Key that enables Durango Interferometry Software to acquire data when installed on a computer that is properly interfaced to your interferometer’s camera and phase shifter.

3.Durango Annual Support and Upgrade Subscription entitles you to technical support and upgrades to Durango. A first year Support Subscription is included with each paid Durango Software License and optional in subsequent years.

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