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A Durango Annual Technical Support and Upgrade Subscription (Support Subscription) entitles the licensed Durango user to technical support and any software upgrades which are published during the term of the Support Subscription.

A first year Support Subscription must be purchased with each Durango Commercial License. The period of the subscription is for one year, commencing on the date that licensee is first provided a Durango License Code. The subscription may be optionally renewed by payment of an annual fee. Support subscriptions must be continuous from the time the program is licensed and renewed prior to the expiration date. Diffraction International will send renewal notification to all current licensed users. Renewals of expired software subscriptions may be purchased for 90 days after purchasing an updated program.

To receive technical support, Licensee must designate a single Technical Program User. Support will be available to the Technical Program User via email and telephone. Technical Program Users may optionally sign up to receive notification via email of Durango bug fixes, major releases, and support notes.

No technical support is offered without an Annual Support and Upgrade Subscription. No support is provided for obsolete versions of Durango.

Diffraction International will make reasonable effort to find and fix all bugs before a new version of the software is published. However, we acknowledge that the program is sufficiently complex that we will not find every bug. Diffraction International will therefore provide periodic bug fix releases that can be downloaded from its website. If you find an apparent bug, please report it to us. Try to isolate the exact actions that cause or lead up to the bug. If the bug is unique to the data file you are working with, please provide a copy of the data file; it will be treated as confidential information. If you find a bug that causes a significant degradation of program performance within the period of your support agreement, the bug fix will be provided free of charge. Bug fixes will not be provided if the problem is traced to incompatible, non-standard, or insufficient hardware, or if you are using an outdated version of the Windows operating system or hardware drivers.

Diffraction International will furnish the Licensee, without additional charge, any standard updates to the Software that are published by Diffraction International during the terms of this agreement. Diffraction International will use reasonable efforts to see that any updates correct reported errors in the Software. In the event that Diffraction International is unable to correct reported errors in a manner satisfactory to the Licensee, the Licensee’s sole and exclusive remedy will be to terminate this agreement and receive a refund of any fees paid for use of the Software after the Licensee has notified Diffraction International in writing of the error and its intent to terminate if the error is not removed.

The price of the Annual Support Subscription is currently $950 (or $1045 outside U.S. and Canada). Diffraction International may change the price by giving the Licensee written notice of such changes at least 120 days prior to their effective date.

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